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Kasper Christensen
Kasper Christensen

Denmark / SE-Asia / Copenhagen

Co-founder and design lead on nomadrental.com find a place to call home while working remotely around the world.

adobe photoshop, css3, front-end development, html5, mobile, ui, ux, web design

  1. 2018
  2. Chatbot UI Kit 🤖 - Freebie .xd wizard kit ui ux freebie free forms dashboard chat gui backend admin
  3. Chat bot training ui wizard forms bot chat backend admin freebie ux ui ui kit free dashboard
  4. Guest Dashboard - Freebie dashboard free ui kit ui ux kit freebie email booking backend adobe xd admin
  5. Nomad Rental Hotel Admin - Freebie email booking hotel backend admin adobe xd ui kit ux free kit ui freebie
  6. Simple login forms input fields password signup login forms
  7. Get Listed signup mobile ios landing landing page app ipad header hero
  8. Booking Request Redesign - Nomad Rental hotel responsive mobile form checkout listing booking
  9. Nomad Rental homepage brochure frontpage scrolling parallax listing hotel header form booking animation
  10. Freebie Mobile Booking .Xd UI Kit template download app ios xd adobe xd ui kit ux free kit ui freebie
  11. Spaces - One Step Checkout header product payment billing shipping form landing page spaces checkout
  12. Nomad Rental - Booking Flow Redesign invitation cards ux ui responsive mobile hotel button form listing booking calendar
  13. Nomad Rental - Feel At Home Abroad vertical scrolling listing hotel homepage header frontpage form footer brochure booking animation
  14. WIP: Hotel Management backend chat booking ui ux ipad interface admin management hotel mobile app
  15. Nomad Rental / Admin - Listing View ux navigation sidebar form listing hotel dashboard white clean backend admin
  16. Spaces Sidebar Navigation Update dropdown form settings dashboard ux menu off-canvas navigation nav sidebar
  17. Spaces Brochure - A final goodbye gospaces spaces frontpage animation header homepage brochure
  18. Nomad Rental listing form booking hotel animation scrolling parallax header
  19. Wip Spaces Checkout Update payment billing input ecommerce form checkout
  20. wip: homemator - intelligent home automatization homekit home automatization landing page app ios
  21. Spaces Logo Generator tool maker generator logo
  22. Spaces Logo - Refresh mark emblem font type brand branding icon spaces logo
  23. Be Inspired - Spaces products marketplace header
  24. Spaces - Dashboard Refresh toolbar order gif header list table account overview dashboard
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